disability workers

In the UK, 26 million people (and over 1 billion people worldwide) have disabilities and long-term conditions that enhance the social and economic health of our societies. It is important to remove any barriers that exist in business structures (and government) that prevent disabled people from thriving and contributing in this way. That’s why not-for-profit organisations such as Business Disability Forum exist, to transform the life chances of disabled people, working through and with businesses to create a disability-smart world.

If you are looking for a formal process to assess how disability smart your organisation is, then the recently launched (free) business disability support service from the Business Disability forum will be of interest to you. Its aim is to help SMEs improve how their business interacts with disabled people.

What is the new support service called?

It is known as Smarter London SMEs.


The new service will enable you to receive expert advice on disability and how it relates to your specific organisation. Advice can cover whatever areas you need clarification on including:

  • Disability and the law.
  • Guidance on adjustments.
  • Review and advice on creating policies.
  • Managing employees.
  • Advice on customer complaints and disputes.
  • Delivering inclusive services to disabled customers.

Am I eligible?

If your business is based in London, has fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than £50 million, then yes, you’re eligible to receive support from the Smarter London SMEs and it is completely free to join.

Why is it free?

Don’t worry, there’s no catch! The service is FULLY FUNDED by the City Bridge Trust who are passionate about helping as many SMEs as possible do better with how their business interacts with disabled people.

If your SME, or any of the small businesses you work, are interested in taking advantage of this new service, please feel free to read over/forward on the Advice Service leaflet created by the Disability Forum which has all the information you need, alongside the Smarter London SMEs dedicated webpage.