A new year and a new decade will undoubtedly mean new goals for your business.  We are sure you have set plenty of business objectives for 2020 and if you want to be in with a shot of accomplishing them it is important to keep up with the latest trends and customer expectations across all areas of your business. Here at Bells we encounter a plethora of business niches, so here is our take on the top three business trends we think you will benefit from keeping an eye on in 2020 and beyond…

Customer reviews will be paramount

Reassurance from other customers that have bought your product or service before and had a good experience will become even more important, especially for customers buying online that cannot see the product in the flesh.  For small businesses, where marketing budgets tend to be smaller, a focus on online user reviews will be even more crucial.  Customers want to ensure that their hard-earned money is being spent wisely.  If your brand is being backed by real people online, it makes your company more trustworthy, resulting in more customers buying your products or services.   Don’t be put off encouraging customers to give feedback for fear of a bad review either – negative reviews can actually be good for business.

Commit to getting your business as green as possible

Worrying about the future of our planet is concerning more people as the effects of our environmental misuse becomes more apparent around the world.  Millennials are proving to have the most worries on the topic . Millennials currently dominate the workforce, which means that it is a good idea for your business respond to their concerns if you are in with a chance of competing for their disposable income.  Millennials are more likely to spend their money with a company who is socially and environmentally responsible.  Consider how green your business is.  You may want to consider making some small changes to demonstrate your commitment – and make sure you shout about it to your customers.  Can you minimise packaging in anyway?  Are you using recyclable materials for packaging?  Is your office recycling paper?   Encourage refillable water bottles and coffee cups…you get the picture.

Stories and livestreaming will govern social media

Just got to grips with posting on your Facebook/Twitter business page?  Well, now you can add a new string to your bow.  If you are not using Facebook or Instagram stores and livestream video yet, you are missing out on some of the major social media trends around now, so it’s time to get up to speed.  Stories are short video content which disappear after 24 hours.  They are a great way of getting seen by your audience and are the most ‘real time’ way of connecting with your followers, as their 24-hour display limit means all stories are of current events, happening at the time of posting.  It’s a powerful tactic in conveying your message in a more creative way and grabbing the attention of your audience before they move onto the next story – you can even show what’s going on behind the scenes of your business and allow followers to get to know the people behind your business in the most natural way possible.   Due to the nature of stories, you can only upload one via mobile rather than desktop.  This Facebook Stories Guide  will help you get to grips with the basics so you can start demonstrating what makes your business special in an easy-to-view way.

So, there you have it…three trends you may want to consider when planning your new year goals.  Don’t forget, if you would like some extra help with managing your finances going forward, do not hesitate to contact us by calling 020 8468 1087, emailing  or by filling in our contact form.