Bells Accountants

Nurturing wealth is not just a Richard Branson dilemma.  More and more people, particularly those with small businesses, need advice about their financial planning – pensions, investments, retirement planning and business protection to name but a few, and a good financial adviser can prove crucial to protecting your legacy.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a financial service provided to customers who have signed an agreement with a firm to receive advice on how best to manage their money or investments.

How can the Bells Accountants team help me? I hear you ask…

Here at Bells Accountants we have a network of independent advisers who are able to provide impartial advice on any of the following:

  • Pensions – thinking of investing your pot to get an adjustable income? Mixing your pension options? Wanting to pay more into your pension? We can help.
  • Retirement Planning – preparing for tomorrow and beyond is important. If you are nearing retirement age you may have amassed large sums in pensions, redundancy, or inheritances that you are not sure how to protect.
  • Investment advice and management – turning your pennies into pounds is easier when you are aware of all the opportunities and associated risks.
  • Inheritance tax planning – reduce your tax exposure, prevent poor investment decisions, and protect your family’s financial future.
  • Life insurance and critical illness cover – nobody wants to think about the unwelcome and unexpected events that life sometimes has in store, which makes it all too easy to overlook the benefits that protection insurance could bring financially in the case of an accident, illness or death. However, we insure our cars and our houses without question, so why would we not apply the same sense to insure ourselves and our loved ones?  Should the worst happen, it is important to make sure that the last thing your loved ones have to worry about is money.
  • Business protection – directors and employees are fundamental to the long-term growth of a business, make sure your business is adequately protected from the loss of a key person.
  • Will writing – it’s one of the most important documents you can have but, surprisingly many people do not have one, or think it is too complicated to arrange. We can help you say exactly what you want to happen your estate (whatever you own) and your financial assets when you are not longer around.
  • Mortgages – seeking advice on the correct mortgage for your circumstances will give you peace of mind when committing to the largest single investment you may ever make. Unlike going direct to your bank (who are only able to offer you their own products), our advisers will look across the market to find the best rates for your situation and will be the case whether you are a private homeowner or a developer/landlord.

Life is often complex and inevitably involves change, whether by choice or otherwise.  Good financial advice is multifaceted and wherever practical, should be flexible enough to accommodate life’s unforeseen changes.  Our team of professional advisers will make value-for-money recommendations and solutions based on your bespoke circumstances.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable discussing their finances with people they do not know well, particularly surrounding certain sensitive subjects like life insurance, will writing and critical illness cover, but our advisers are experts at building trusted relationships with our clients, leaving them comfortable in opening up and sharing their goals and aspirations.

We take pride in communicating complex information to clients with objectivity, integrity, and clarity to enable customers to effortlessly understand the knowledge and advice we are sharing with them.

We understand that these are unsettling times and as always, we’ll do everything we can to help you manage your finances.  If you’d like to discuss any specific investment, gain some advice on any of our wealth management specialisms outlined in this blog, or you would like to take advantage of our wealth management free review, please don’t hesitate to contact us.