When running a business, there are countless things to consider. From bookkeeping and taxes, through to your maintaining and even increasing your clientele. Online presence is something of great value, but many business owners are unsure of exactly how to navigate the online world. In this blog, we highlight our top four tips for boosting your online presence to aid exposure and growth.

Create an email list

Emails may seem to some as something that is becoming more outdated as time goes on with the introductions of new software, programmes and online platforms. However, in a professional setting, they have the ability to connect you with a range of current and potential customers, as regularly as you wish and in a personal way. With an email list, you can send out features such as regular newsletters, company updates or relevant information about current news. By reminding customers of who you are and what you can offer, your company will be at the forefront of their minds when they need your products and services again.

Use social media

It is often the first place people’s minds wander to when online presence is mentioned. Whilst it isn’t the only form of online marketing you can use, it is undeniably one of the main ones. Social media plays a role in the majority of our lives. Whether we scroll through Facebook on the train to the office or read through the LinkedIn notifications that pop upon our smart watches, social media is always there. There are over 3 billion active users on all kinds of social media platforms, so make use of this! Regular updates and posts across the platforms that your target market typically spend their time on will allow you to instill trust and knowledge about you and your services with ease. It is also a great way to increase your credibility and build upon your reputation. Plus, social media is a very effective and important marketing tool during a downturn.

Regularity is key. Consistent posts and interactions will ensure that you remain recognised and remembered. It is important that you cover a few platforms instead of sticking to your favourite, or one you feel has the most opportunity. Your customers can be found far and wide, and so by using every relevant platform, you can be sure to capture them all. Unique content will always have its benefits, but if time is not on your side, you may consider posting the same content across every platform.

Host live webinars

Hosting live webinars, such as Q&A sessions, can be extremely valuable when it comes to strengthening your online presence. These live and interactive sessions allow you to engage with your current and possible clients in real time and provide tailored answers to their very own questions in a safe space. This can increase the trust and dependability your viewers have in you, as well as enhance the knowledge they have on you and your service offerings. By addressing the real-life queries of your viewers, you can also create a sense of community, which – when it comes to online presence – is of great value.


Relationships are something which should never be underestimated. When shopping in a store or investing in a service face-to-face, the ability to make a positive impression is much easier than it is online. Connecting with your followers and potential customers will allow you to create this impression without being seen. This can form a sense of reliability, confidence and trust in your products and services. Whether you reach out first, or take the time to reply to the messages you may receive, there will be great value in it.

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